Hot Wheels Steam Balance Shift


  • Learn the importance of force and speed with the Hot Wheels® STEAM Balance Shift. Be the first to win the balance bar’s favor and earn the big trophy!
  • The playset is rooted in educational STEAM lessons to help kids understand the science behind equilibrium through fun and competitive play.
  • Launch cars over the seesaw and trigger a shift in the balance bar. The first car to completely shift the balance, wins the trophy.
  • The set includes 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle and collapses for easy and convenient storage.
  • This makes a great gift for kids 6 years old and up, who love healthy competition and developing their problem-solving skills.

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Product Details

The Hot Wheels® STEAM Balance Shift™ Playset helps kids understand the science of equilibrium through fun, competitive play as they use the slam launcher to send their cars up and over a seesaw to secure the trophy. Force and speed are the keys to victory, but the real winner will gain a better understanding of balance and gravity while having fun. The set comes with one Hot Wheels® vehicle, but it includes two launchers for side-by-side challenges (additional cars sold separately). Designated slots hold cars, track pieces and launchers for easy and convenient storage. Colors and decorations may vary.


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