4M Unicorn Window Paint


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In the kit. :
Stained glass paints & ndash; 6 pcs
Gold marker & ndash; 1 pc
Transparent plastic sheet & ndash; 1pc
Image templates & ndash; 6 pcs
Instructions & ndash; 1 pc.

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Decorate your windows with stained glass, which will shine beautifully in the sun and fill the room with colorful rays! The 4M Creativity Kit will help your child feel like a real stained glass artist.
First, create the mood of a creative workshop: lay out stained glass paints on the table and choose the unicorn you want to paint. Then place a transparent plastic sheet on the selected image and start drawing on top of it, copying the image. Leave the picture to dry overnight. In the morning, carefully separate it from the plastic sheet and attach it to a window or any other smooth surface.
The Thinking Kits series will help your child develop tactile sensations, fine motor skills, creativity and improve color perception.


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