Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Launch Anbash Play Set With 4 Crushed Cars




mattel hot wheels monster trucks launch anbash play set with 4 crushed cars gvk08

Awesome Hot Wheels Monster Trucks set for launching, crashing, smashing and bashing It’s complete play in a box with a launcher to get kids’ 1:64 scale Monster Trucks airborne. Aim the Monster Truck at the crash-landing zone to send 4 crushed cars flying. This set is all about over-the-top stunting with an epic crash finale when the pile of crushed cars gets bombed by the super-charged Monster Truck Kids can set up the crushed cars on the platform again and do the stunt all over again and again and again. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Launch & Bash Play Set with 4 Crushed Cars 1:64 Scale Monster Truck For Crashing and Smashing Gift For Kids Ages 4 To 8: Age Range: 4 to 8 Years ?Kids love Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with their GIANT wheels and outrageous features ?With the Launch & Bash set kids can slam launch their truck at the platform loaded with molded crushed cars for a car-splosion ?Easy set up for aiming at the trigger spot on the crash-landing zone then launching for the big moment again and again ?Simple set with epic pay-off includes a slam launcher, landing platform, 4 crushed cars and a fierce 1:64 scale Monster Truck ?Perfect birthday, holiday gift or reward for vehicle play fans

SKU: 069-205 MPN: GVK08 Barcode: 887961928105 Brand: Mattel

Product Details

Hot Wheels
Age from:
4 years
Type of Toy
Loves Speed
Age Group
kids (6-13 years)
Hot Wheels Type
Monster Truck


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