ZURU ROBO ALIVE Dino Action Raptor


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Watch out, the Robo Alive Dino Action Raptor by ZURU is on the loose! Watch as this Dino moves and roars just like a real Dinosaur! Trigger the tail to watch the dynamic dino arms claw out at prey and viscous jaw open to release a ROAR-some dino sound that will shake you to your bones! But don’t go too close, or risk becoming the Dino’s next hunt! This Raptor is nothing like you’ve seen before. There’s 3 diabolical dinos on the loose ready to attack! Will you tame the raging Raptor, terrorizing T-Rex, or terrifying Pterodactyl? It’s more than alive- It’s Robo Alive!
Contact no: 9801100888


  • Moves Like a Real Dino! Watch as this Dino claws and opens its jaw like a real dinosaur! You won’t believe your eyes!
  • Listen To The Roar: Ready for a Dino roar that will shake you to your bones? Robo Alive Dino Action sounds are totally roar-some. Roar with your dinosaur when you’re out on your hunt!
  • 3 On The Loose: Will you tame the terrorizing T-Rex, raging Raptor or terrifying Pterodactyl? It’s more than alive- It’s Robo Alive!
  • Package Inclusions: 1 x Dino Action Raptor
  • ZURU Robo Alive: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they’re real! They’re more than alive – they’re Robo Alive!


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