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Three-Layer Mask
3-Layer Technology
With an electrospun nanotech fibre filter in the middle layer

  1. Outer layer made using cotton, linen, flax and hemp
  2. Nanotechnology media to block even the smallest airborne particles with >95% efficacy
  3. Inner Layer made using cotton, linen, flax and hemp

Timeless and tasteful designs
Available in ten different designs to wear from dawn to dusk.

Nanotechnology Media
Our advanced media has been tested to block respiratory droplets and pollutants such as bacteria, pollen and other allergens as small as 0.1 micron in size.

Breathable and comfortable
Tested for extremely low breathing resistance, driving high comfort.

Tested by international bodies
Affirms maximum protection and airflow for easy breathing.

Reusable and washable masks made using cotton, flax, hemp and linen in the inner and outer layers.

Multiple sizes
Available in 6 different sizes for a tailored fit.


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